Cowhouse Ventilation

Comfort Climate™ – natural ventilation for dairy, pigs, and poultry

With our knowledge of the requirements needed to fulfill the expectations of today’s professional livestock farmer with regard to natural ventilation, we have together with our partner Munters, a range of climate solutions that are second to none.

The symbiosis between animal welfare and productivity is at the foremost of our commitment to our clients through our innovative range of ventilation systems.

Munters have gathered experience and knowledge from many years experience in the Scandinavian market, together with thousands of very satisfied customers. We at Concept are committed to bringing this experience and knowledge to the UK market.

Our Comfort Climate™ system has been designed for good, yet simple functionality, high versatility, low cost & simple maintenance. It consists of the Comfort Curtain™, Open Light Ridge System, the Breeze Fan for high volume and low speed air circulation as well as the controller Farm Master / Centre.


Comfort Curtains

  • Clean and tight appearance
  • No vulnerability to bedding (sand and or straw)
  • Easy / fast installation
  • High versatility
  • Simple functionality
  • Easy operation, manual or automated
  • Low cost and simple maintenance
  • Competitive in cost and functionality

Light Curtains


Breeze Fans

  • 8 blade High Volume Low Speed fan (HVLS)
  • Variable speed control
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Very high m3/h/W (high cfm per Watt)
  • Very low noise level
  • Reduces heat stress and improves comfort
  • Promotes healthier air quality, reduces bacteria and ammonia
  • Easy to install, in new or existing structures

Open Light Ridge

  • Ideal combination of natural ventilation and optimum light dispersion in any form of barn or stable
  • Rigid, weather proof construction, designed to withstand the climate conditions in northern Europe
  • Double walled, 10mm, UV resistant Lexan PC (PolyCarbonate) sheet material with 10 years limited warranty on light transmission
  • Optimal transparency
  • Wind deflectors made from corrugated metal sheets prevent rain, snow, hail and dirt from entering the barn / stable
  • Wind deflectors can be equipped with a manual or automatic closing system to seal off the barn / stable during extreme weather conditions
  • Varying height and width to accommodate individual requirements for air capacity and light dispersion

Ventilation = Comfort Climate™ = promoting healthier air quality
and flexible ventilation solutions for demanding climates

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