Slat & Concrete Grooving

Cowhouse Concrete Grooving

No more slippery slats and concrete floors.

Our purpose built machines use diamond blades to smoothly and precisely cut grooves into your slats and concrete, unlike other grooving methods our machines leave a clean square edge providing unparalleled traction, resulting in increased activity and positive behaviour from your herd.

Due to the diamond cutting action of the machine there is no chipping of the slats, Zero damage guaranteed.

There is very little clean up required after the process, the machines are water cooled resulting in a dust free environment, there is however liquefied concrete slurry that can be scraped into the slurry system or tank.

Our machines benefit from running by our own three phase generator, making the process a lot quieter than the traditional petrol and diesel machines, it’s not uncommon for us to undertake the work with animals still in the barn.

Many references available throughout the UK.

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