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Manure and Fine Sand Separation and Washing

Sand Bedding

Sand is considered the “Gold Standard” for bedding cows, however unless fully recovered it takes up volume in your slurry lagoon/storage tank, its difficult to move and dramatically increases wear on your slurry handling system.

How Traditional SMS Work

Traditionally sand manure separators (SMSs) rely on the difference in the settling velocity between the sand particles and the organic matter. However small sand particles settle at the same rate as the larger organic particles making the existing separators only effective for the recovery of coarse sand particles.

As a result conventional sand manure separators are only suitable for use with coarse (concreting) sand. Even then the finer sand fraction may not be recovered!


How the Agri-SandMaster Works

Unlike the Sand Manure Separators currently on the market, the Agri-Sandmaster users the density difference between the sand and the organic matter particles.

The particle density of sand is 2.65 times heavier than slurry and at least 1.5 times heavier than maize/grain seeds.

The Agri-Sandmaster utilises this difference by using an up flowing grey water current to create a fluidised sand bed upon which the lighter organic matter floats and the denser sand particles sink.

Main Advantages

  • Minimal to No Civils Works Required
  • Effective Recovery of Course and Fine Sand
  • Reduces Costs by Minimising Losses of Sand
  • Clean Fine Sand Improves Animal Welfare
  • Low Capital and Operating Costs
  • Manufactured and Supported in the UK

Agri-Sandmaster Details

  • Inlet Feed Into Unit
  • Mixer Keeps Sand In Suspension
  • Recirculated Fluidising Water
  • Integrated Organics Scraper
  • Organics Outlet Hopper
  • Separated Sand Drawn Off

Sand Separation made easy

Tested and now in production the Sand Buster, sand separator, has the capability of recycling up to 95% of the sand from laden slurry for reuse.


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