Precast Concrete

Precast Heelstone Copings


Our precast concrete heelstone copings are designed for the fast and efficient formation of sand beds, eliminating the need to shutter in situ, saving on time and labour, very cow friendly and practical.

Concrete Slats


Concrete slats from 2.286m to 5.029m
All slats 10 tonne axel rating and carry a CE mark
Concrete beams to suit slats

Cubicle Beds


Precast concrete cubicle beds, singles and head to head

Precast A and L Walls

Precast concrete A and L walls, ideal for containing and retaining, double load bearing, various sizes to suit

Wall Panels


A vast range of both horizontal and vertical wall panels

Reception Pit


Precast two piece slatted slurry reception pits up to 8,000 gallons

Feed Bunkers


Concrete feed bunkers, singles and doubles, they come complete with our CC Feedline Coating

We have a coating for all of our wall panels CC Wall Primer Trans

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